OSSRank: a project for ranking and categorizing open source projects

There are millions of open-source software projects and libraries available on the internet and many more get added every day. As a prospective user of open source software, you probably find yourself going through a process something like this:

  • Search for candidate projects you could use to solve a particular problem
  • Evaluate various projects that meet your search criteria
  • Visit each of their project sites and source code repositories to try to determine things like maturity of the project, size and activity level of the community, responsiveness to issues
  • Look around on StackOverflow, Twitter and various discussion forums to see what people are saying about it

As developers of OSSRank we saw this repeated pattern and attempted to automate this whole process by:

  • Discovering open-source projects by collecting their metadata from GitHub
  • Classifying them into a growing list of specified categories
  • Collecting data about them from stackexchange & finding their social footprint on twitter
  • Continuously evaluating them and tracking their growth over a timeline
  • Ultimately ranking each project within its categories

The result is a new open source project – check it out on GitHub here.

Still lots of room for improvement, but you can try a running copy of OSSRank at http://ossrank.org

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.31.10 PM

Have an idea for improving OSSRank?  Add to the issues list https://github.com/csc/OSSRank/issues or just send us a pull request.

OSSRank: a project for ranking and categorizing open source projects

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