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Considering the question of native vs web for mobile applications, a popular response that emerges is “both”.  Using a hybrid web-native approach such as that used with Blackberry Webworks or the popular Phonegap platform, gives us the best of both worlds.

As a result, more often than not, web UI wins.

Having settled on web technologies as a basis for expressing mobile user interfaces, next we’re faced with the question of how to efficiently design the web interfaces to be leverageable across form factors ranging from desktop to tablet and smartphone browsers.   The increasingly popular use responsive layouts in web interface design attempts to address this concern.

Article from Luke Wroblewski:

As use of mobile devices continues to skyrocket across the globe, we’re seeing more ways to tackle the challenge of creating great Web experiences across multiple devices. But which approach is right for any given project? 

LukeW | Why Separate Mobile & Desktop Web Pages?.

Mobile + Desktop Designs

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