Blockchain Architecture, a closer look at CSC’s TechCom24


By now we’ve all heard about Bitcoin as this magical decentralized digital currency. You may even have bought and spent some bitcoin, but most of us are not quite sure how or even why it works. Perhaps more puzzling is that we keep hearing that Bitcoin is just the beginning and that we’ll start seeing exciting new blockchain applications that will revolutionize whole industries.

Is this mostly hype or is there an element of reality to it?

Research, experimentation and unfolding events over the past few years have been pretty convincing that we’re on the cusp of something big. There will be ups and down, but we’ll all benefit from keeping up.

I recently blogged  about participating in the Initial Coin Offering of Inchain, an ambitious blockchain native insurance startup. Since then the Inchain team notified investors that the ICO didn’t raise sufficient funds to launch.

In other news, #TeamCSC had a crash course in blockchain tech during our recent adventure  at the GE Minds + Machines Hackathon.

Despite all the activity and buzz, it’s still quite new to a lot of us.  So, to further the conversation I’m doing a talk on Blockchain Architecture and Apps during Techcom24, CSC’s global, virtual technology conference for employees. I’ll break down the tech into its underlying components. During the session, we’ll look at how  key characteristics of blockchain architecture materialize into solutions. We’ll also take a pragmatic look at how traditional players may be dis-intermediated by decentralized autonomous blockchain applications that increase efficiencies and reduce costs.  And, so we can all hit the ground running, I’ll provide practical advice for  blockchain enthusiasts and aspiring coders to get started learning and contributing to  communities.  I’m really excited about exploring blockchain further with so many of my CSC colleagues around the globe.

Follow the conversation at the CSC Hyperthink Blog.


Blockchain Architecture, a closer look at CSC’s TechCom24

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